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A Fresh Voice for Wyoming

Meet Marcie

No, really. Marcie wants to meet you. Like, sit down and have coffee with you at District 08’s Central Cafe, or share a french fry at Cheyenne’s Oldest Burger Joint, The Burger Inn. Maybe a beer at Uncle Charlies is more your thing?

She wants to hear what makes you proud of our district, our city and our state. What makes you concerned? What could make it better? For the next year she plans on doing just that, meeting and listening to the amazing people of her neighborhood. During these encounters you may be lucky enough to meet any of the 5 amazing men in her life; Her awesome husband Bo or the four equally awesome little dudes that keep her young and simultaneously give her new grey hairs on a daily basis. 

While Marcie didn’t know politics was necessarily her next--or ever a-- stop in this glorious adventure called life, she simply has not been able to squash an intense need to give back to the place that has given her so much. Marcie has been an active member of the Cheyenne community, contributing her leadership skills, abundant energy and musical talents to theatre productions, choirs, youth programs, projects, and PTOs. In 2018 she became a licensed real estate agent and a proud member of the National Association of Realtors. She loves the people of this wind-swept prairie and looks forward to serving, preserving and improving our way of life for years to come.

Marcie's Platform

It has been said that Wyoming is one big neighborhood with very long streets. But do those streets run all the way to our state legislature? Marcie became concerned with the make-up of our house and state senate as she became more and more involved in state and local politics. She simply didn’t see or hear voices that represented her or her family, a group that makes up a large majority of all Wyoming citizens.

So she decided to do something about it. Marcie believes in and celebrates Wyoming’s citizen legislator. She also knows the only way it can effectively work is for citizens, ALL citizens, to become active participants in the system. She believes running for House District 08 will not only ensure the legislature looks more like the State it represents, but can help inspire Wyoming citizens of varying age, sex, race and socioecomic status to become more involved in the entire process of creating the policies and laws that govern our incredible state.  It truly is all of our responsibility. Marcie is dedicated to doing her part. Join her. It’s your Wyoming, too.

One of the girls

So what are Marcie's priorities? In a few words:
•Public lands
•Economic diversification
•Quality healthcare

But here's the thing--Marcie's priorities are your priorities. She wants to represent the people of House District 8 the way they want to be represented. She's committed to listening to her neighbors--the people she's fighting to represent--and taking their concerns to the legislature.

House District 8

HD 8 sits in the heart of Cheyenne, spanning from Vandehei to Pershing and parts of Dell Range. Click here to find out if you're one of the many people of House 8!

HD 8

About Marcie

Shortly after her high school graduation in St. George, Utah, Marcie moved to Cheyenne and it quickly became home. She graduated from LCCC in 2010, and volunteers as a church choir director and vocal coach. She and her husband, Bo, are raising their four boys to have adventurous spirits and a healthy appreciation for the outdoors.

Marcie and her boys

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