The role of a legislator is to be a leader for their constituents and their community. This means sharing information with the constituents of House District 08 about upcoming bills, issues, and other legislative concerns.

It also means listening to the people of her District and making sure that their voices are heard in our Capitol.

Marcie promises to achieve this by maintaining a presence here on her website, interacting with constituents on social media, and attending events around the city. Maintaining open lines of communication with constituents is a top priority.

As your Representative, Marcie will be a true community leader who is active, engaged, and invested in her community. She loves the people of this wind-swept prairie and looks forward to serving, preserving, and improving our way of life for years to come.

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Education: An Investment in Wyoming’s Future

• Wyoming should continue to be a national leader in public schools.

• Public school teachers must be paid a living wage. 

• Schools should have the resources to provide students with current textbooks and robust art, music, and  technology programs to prepare students for success in all aspects of life.

• Support social and economic policies that make staying in Wyoming the first and most attractive choice for high school and college graduates. 

• Invest in internship and job training programs as well as pass non-discrimination legislation so all of Wyomings brightest minds are welcome and safe here.   

A Responsible, Future-Focused Economic Plan

• Implement a proactive approach to assessing our budget needs that ends our mineral dependence, and the exhausting boom and bust cycle that accompanies it, once and for all.

• Prioritize protecting essential services such as education, health care, infrastructure, and safety from budget cuts whenever possible.

• Take swift, meaningful action to bring in new streams of revenue.

• Update our antiquated tax system to one that is balanced, equitable, and does not put an undue burden on hard-working Wyomingites.

• Always be looking ahead in innovative ways to attract businesses and utilize the natural beauty of our public lands to increase tourism.  

A Healthier Wyoming

• We all have a responsibility to make sure the vulnerable are adequately cared for. It’s time to follow the will of the majority of Wyomingites to finally realize the promise of affordable healthcare and expand Medicaid.

• Ensure that our hospitals and clinics have the appropriate resources and essential frontline personnel to handle the current pandemic and any future emergencies.

• Expand and prioritize mental health access to take care of our greatest asset, our people.

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