Marcie wants to meet you!

You’ll see Marcie out there working for your vote this election season. Whether it’s over a coffee at the Central Café, a shake and fries at Espi’s, or a beer at Uncle Charlie’s, Marcie wants a chance to meet you and hear from you. She wants to know what makes you proud of HD 08, of Cheyenne, and of Wyoming, and she wants to know your thoughts on the tough choices we all will be facing. Marcie knows that with the support of her district, there is no challenge that can’t be faced.

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We’ll do this, together. Run with me. We're running all the way to the Wyoming state Legislature. I can't wait to represent you in House District 08.   

House District 8

HD 8 sits in the heart of Cheyenne, spanning from just north of Vandehei, south to Pershing and parts of Dell Range (area in pink). Click here to find out if you're one of the many people of House 8!

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